Ujwal Sharma - The Indian Entrepreneur and Dynamic Digital Marketer you must follow in 2021

Jan 24 2021 04:43 PM
Ujwal Sharma - The Indian Entrepreneur and Dynamic Digital Marketer you must follow in 2021

Ujwal Sharma with his magical Digital Marketing skills and strategies has helped over 175+ Indian, Canadian, US and UK based Startups to gain sales with online advertising and Digital PR. He is often known as the "Dynamic Digital Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur in the World". Ujwal Sharma has served each and every industry from car manufacturers to Hollywood celebrities, each and everyone knows how creative Ujwal Sharma is. Ujwal Sharma is an Indian Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Expert. He has been a leading icon in the Digital Marketing Industry in India since 2019. He is the Founder of the most favourite Digital Marketing Agency of Hollywood Celebrities, musical artists and Athletes - "Uzi World Digital". Recently on 4th December 2020, Uzi World Digital Won the most prestigious award in the industry - India Digital Enabler Awards (IDEA-2020) for the best use of Social Media, which was organised by Entrepreneur Magazine India.

After the Indian Government announced the lockdown, Ujwal Sharma helped the local Indian small and medium enterprises and businesses to grow their presence on the web, with the help of Social Media, E-commerce Websites, and Digital PR. His Webinar for Digital Marketing training and coaching was one of the most viewed webinars of 2020 with over 2000+ viewers. Ujwal Sharma being a Digital Marketing Mentor and Consultant, keeps Supporting and encouraging his students to work smarter and achieve heights. He is working on his own EBook and once it's completed, soon he will launch it. In an interview with local media Ujwal said - "Once my Ebook is ready I'll announce its launch, I hope this book will help the young entrepreneurs to grow".

Ujwal Sharma's Background and Career 

Ujwal is a middle class guy, with big dreams. He has his own iconic quote - "AGE DOESN'T MATTERS". As he believes age really doesn't matter to achieve big things in your life, he says one can even become a millionaire before his 20s. Ujwal Sharma has been studying in a boarding school since 2011. He has almost spent his 9 years in a boarding school. When he was 16, he became interested in making money online. But soon he was introduced to Digital Marketing, he took the basic education and knowledge about Digital Marketing from Google Digital Unlocked and some other free resources such as YouTube, and started his own Digital Marketing Company. He has been serving as the Founder and Chief executive officer of Uzi World Digital since 25th August 2019. His new company Classicpreneur News and Media will launch in April 2021 (as per local news resources). We have seen many Indians making big names in the international level, and Ujwal Sharma is also in the same track, he will achieve more success in the coming years and become the most popular entrepreneur and digital geek in the globe. 

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