Man installed hoardings across the city to avoid arranged marriages

People have a lot of trouble when they are married and are not getting married. This problem is the same for girls and boys, so if someone searches for their partner on a matrimony site, there are many who start looking for partners from place to place. However, sometimes people do something that makes people lose their senses when they get married. At the moment, the ones we are going to tell you about have done something similar. In fact, we are talking about Mohammad Malik, who lives in England, in search of an ideal life partner, advertising large hoardings on the roadside.

The hoarding must have raised the question in your mind that the young man's family must be getting married against his will, so he chose a hoarding-like idea that enabled him to marry his favourite girl. However, there is nothing like that. In fact, the young man has come up with this unique way to get married. He is said to have given a kind of wedding ad. In it, he is seen lying down in style and smiling with the finger of one of his hands pointing to the one where it says, "Save me from an arranged marriage. These hoardings are currently the talk of the town.

According to the information received, 29-year-old Mohammed Malik is from London but considers Birmingham as his second home. As a result, he put up posters in the city in search of their love. Not only that, the man named Mohammad Malik is so desperate to get married that he has also set up a website where single girls can contact him. Whose name is Here he has opened up about his likes and dislikes, age and profession, etc. Not only that, Malik has also uploaded a video on YouTube urging people to fill out the form if she is interested.

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