UK Prime Ministerial Election: Liz Truss continues to lead Rishi Sunak

LONDON: Foreign Secretary Liz Truss continues to hold a significant lead over former chancellor Rishi Sunak, in the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister of the United Kingdom, according to a new poll of Tory voters released on Wednesday.

In a poll conducted by the Conservative Home website of 961 party members who have already voted in the leadership race or will do so, Truss received 60% of the vote, while Sunak received 28%.

The website's most recent survey earlier this month found Truss maintains a 32 point lead over the British Indian former minister, when the 9% of respondents who fall into the "don't know" category are evenly distributed between the two contestants. are done.

According to Conservative Home's analysis of their most recent results, if our no-knows are split equally between the two candidates, as we did last time, the truss rises to 64% and the craze drops to 32 percent. This leads to a lead of 32 points. She was the first.

"According to Opinium, YouGov and our survey, the truss is expected to win by a margin of around 70-30 and 60-40, possibly slightly higher or slightly lower," the report said.

The question of how many members have already voted was the new facet of the most recent survey, which was conducted after the distribution of ballots. According to the website, 60% of the respondents said they have, while 40% said they did not.

The candidate arrived in Northern Ireland on Wednesday as he continued his campaign in various regions of the United Kingdom to win over voters who have not yet cast their vote.

The cost of living crisis remains the main concern as the latest inflation data for July, released earlier in the day, showed a 40-year high of 10.1 per cent amid rising food and essential prices. The main point of contention between the two candidates is how to address the crisis, and Sunak attacked his opponent's tax cut proposal as a moral failure.

Liz's strategy is to claim that she supports tax cuts on direct aid. I do not believe this is correct. In a Belfast host, Sunak declared, "This is not a plan that I think is right for our country."

"If we don't directly help those at risk, including the poorest people and pensioners, it will be a moral failure of the Conservative government, and I don't think the British people will forgive us for that," he said.

Meanwhile, the truss reaffirmed its commitment to immediately cut taxes and moratorium on green energy levies to fight inflation.

All bills include a green energy levy; Therefore, by eliminating it, consumers will pay less for their bills. But he said handing over more money in the form of chipped plaster without addressing the underlying problem would not work.

While Parliament is on summer vacation, the election campaign is taking place during August, the UK holiday season. Voting will officially end in the evening on 2 September, and the result will be announced in time for the House of Commons session to resume on 5 September.

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