UK supports India’s case for permanent UNSC seat
UK supports India’s case for permanent UNSC seat

NEW DELHI: The United Kingdom has reaffirmed its support for a permanent seat for India in the UN Security Council (UNSC).

It has demanded an increase in the number of permanent and non-permanent members of the UNSC and also urged advocated permanent seats for Germany, Japan, and Brazil.

This was announced by the UK Ambassador to the UN, Barbara Woodward. Since her nation has long urged for the extension of the UNSC in both categories, she said that the UK's position is widely known.

In her remarks on Thursday during the UNSC's annual debate on Security Council reform, she stated that she and other participants "support the creation of additional permanent seats for India, Germany, Japan, and Brazil, as well as permanent African representation on the Council."

Ambassador United, India's permanent representative to the UN, spoke on behalf of the G4 nations, which also included Brazil, Germany, and Japan. She expressed her disappointment about the dearth of meaningful work following four decades of fair representation.

She said that the longer Council reform is blocked, the worse its lack of representation will be. "Representation is an inevitable precondition for legitimacy and effectiveness," she said.

"The Security Council's representational imbalance gets worse the longer the reform effort is put on hold. Furthermore, representation is a necessary requirement for legitimacy and efficacy, she said.

The Permanent Representative of India emphasised that it is past due for the Security Council to conform to its Charter obligation to act on behalf of all Members.

"This cannot be done without increasing the number of members in both categories. Only by doing this will the Council be able to successfully handle the current global disputes and difficulties that are becoming more complicated and interrelated on a global scale, she said.

The G4  have repeatedly called for a single, unified text and new working procedures to ensure an inclusive, open, and transparent process that includes webcasting, record-keeping, and adherence to the General Assembly's norms of procedure.

The only way to break the loop of reiterating well-known opinions, which has been the hallmark of recent IGN (Intergovernmental Negotiations), according to her, is to produce a single, consolidated statement, preferably with attribution.

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