UK: Tracey Crouch appointed as "minister for loneliness “to deal with isolation


London [United Kingdom], Jan 18 (NT): In an initial step, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a "minister for loneliness" to deal with social isolation.

This step is taken after a report which revealed that nine million people in the UK are victims of isolation.

Tracey Crouch who is Minister for Sport and Civil Society will take on the additional charge of minister for loneliness. This ministry is created in memory of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was assassinated by a right-wing activist in June 2016.

As per reports of CNN, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was formed as a reaction to the MP's own suffering from isolation.

Tracey Crouch averred a statement, "This is an issue that Jo cared passionately about and we will honor her memory by tackling it, helping the millions of people across the UK who suffer from loneliness."

According to research, over 9 million people always or frequently feel lonesome, around 200,000 older people have not affianced in a discussion with a friend or relative in over a month, and up to 85 percent of young disabled adults - 18-34-year-olds - feel cut off from society. (NT)





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