Ukraine-born model, Katerina Kardo is motivating people towards a healthier living with her Naturopathy

Jul 17 2021 01:01 PM
Ukraine-born model, Katerina Kardo is motivating people towards a healthier living with her Naturopathy

In today’s world, there are plenty of female models, yet only a few of them have the influence and ability to transform a generation. Kateryna Korchak is one such powerful and influential woman who has been inspiring, challenging, and influencing the way our world works. Born on 9th February 1995 in Melitopol, a city in southeastern Ukraine; she has been living in Israel for the last 8 years. Losing her father all of a sudden to a car accident, life hasn’t been easy for her and her mother ever since. 

Coping up with the immeasurable loss along with managing the house and her child, Kateryna’s mother worked up to her full potential to provide her with a comfortable life. Always grateful for the support and hard work of her mother, she considers her as a pillar of support in her life. Even after coming from a middle-class family and facing all of the hardships from such an early age, she was brave and bold enough to follow her passion of becoming a model. 

Working hard for her dreams, she has been presenting her best out there for the world to see and appreciate. Also known as Katerina Kardo in the professional world, her charm, persona, and confidence have paved her way towards becoming one of the most successful models from Ukraine and have made brands pay her to work with them. She has modeled for brands like Delta, Big Shop, Omall, Jack Kuba, Galita, and other top-notch brands in the market which has been a milestone in her journey of becoming successful.  

There are very few people who work towards the betterment and good health of others. This Israel-based model is now following the path of Naturopathy and shares her tips with her fans on how to live their life to the fullest. Emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet, clean freshwater, sunlight, exercise, and stress management, Katerina Kardo has been teaching her fans and followers a holistic approach to wellness. 

To transform their lives for the better, she aims to educate the individuals to look after their health and the health of their family, minimizing symptoms of any illness, supporting the body’s capacity to heal, and balancing the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future. Katerina Kardo is one very learned and talented woman in the field of Naturopathy and thankfully she has been using her knowledge to create a wonderful effect, helping change the health of an individual for the better.

Katerina Kardo is revered for both her modeling skills and her philanthropic efforts as a Naturopath. She’s driven, talented, intelligent, focused, and someone who keeps on pushing herself harder. Born in a place that many people are unfamiliar with, she is a great encouragement when it comes to compelling others to break free and come to the fore. One of the modern-day examples of a woman who can do it all and transform the world, Katerina Kardo is one of the most inspirational models a young person can have. 

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