Over 20 people lost their lives in plane crash in Ukraine
Over 20 people lost their lives in plane crash in Ukraine

Kiev: Everyone is surprised today by the story of the growing events, and the growing cases of these incidents have shaken both the hearts and minds of the people, every day there is some news that is increasing the rate in the minds of the general public. Today, we have come up with a case that your spirit will tremble after hearing.

In Ukraine, 22 people have lost their lives in a devastating plane incident. The aircraft named Antonov-26 has fallen while landing near Kharkiv. The aircraft was boarded by the cadets of Kharkiv Air Force University and included aircraft training flights. According to ukraine's emergency department, 27 people were on board the aircraft. While 2 people are seriously injured, they are looking for three people. Are currently taking action to find out the cause of the crash.

It has been revealed that the conflict between Russia-backed separatists and the Ukrainian government is continuing in Ukraine. The chuhuirov town, which has had this accident, is 60 miles away from the conflict zone. However, so far, there has been no point in the separatists ' incident. The case is currently under process. There was a fire in the aircraft after the bell. Ukraine's President Volodimir Jelensky may go to the site on Saturday.

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