Ukraine President to address G7 Summit

KIEV: Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, will virtually address the G7 Summit in Germany. He is anticipated to urge the delivery of additional heavy weapons in response to Russia's ongoing conflict with Kiev.

Zelensky stated in his speech to the nation on Sunday that postponing the delivery of armaments was "an invitation to Russia to strike again and again." He demanded air defence systems and further sanctions against Russia, saying that "partners need to move faster if they are genuine partners, not observers."

The President's appeal came after Russia launched a barrage of missile attacks on Kiev, the city of Cherkasy in the centre of the country, the Kharkiv region, Chernihiv in the north, and Zhytomyr and Lviv in the west of the capital, all of which resulted in one fatality.

According to the BBC, the strike in Starychi district in Lviv was just 30 kilometer from the border with Poland, as per BBC report.  Severodonetsk, a significant eastern city, also fell to Russia on Saturday, giving Moscow control over practically the entire Luhansk region and a large portion of the neighbouring Donetsk, the two Russian-backed rebel regions that make up the industrial Donbas.

The BBC reports that the G7 member countries are set to pledge additional military support for Kiev and increased penalties against Moscow as the war in Ukraine remains a key priority.  The week after the G7 conference in Bavaria, a NATO meeting will take place in Spain, where Zelensky is also scheduled to speak.

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