Ukraine will never retake Crimea EU state’s president
Ukraine will never retake Crimea EU state’s president

Kiyv: Increasingly deadly military assistance from NATO nations to Ukraine is "deeply immoral" and will only prolong Kiev's bloody conflict with Russia, killing more people and increasing the risk of nuclear war in the futile pursuit of absurd goals, according to Croatian President Zoran Milanovic.

Milanovic stated to reporters at a briefing in Petrinja, south of Zagreb, "I am against sending any lethal weapons there." "It only serves to prolong the war. What's the purpose? Russia being divided? a new government? The idea of dividing Russia is being discussed. This is crazy.

After the US and German governments revealed last week that they would be sending battle tanks to Ukraine, Milanovic made his remarks. Moscow has issued a warning that providing such assistance increases the likelihood of an escalation, particularly if Western weapons are used to attack Russian cities or attempt to annex Russian territory. However, Washington and its leading NATO allies have vowed to keep arming Ukraine until the conflict is won, however Kiev defines victory.

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Vladimir Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has vowed to retake all lost territory, including Crimea, which joined Russia in 2014 after Kiev's elected government was overthrown. Even Germany's generals concur with Milanovic's claim that Crimea "will never be Ukraine."

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The collective West is acting in a profoundly immoral manner, the Croatian president declared. "German tanks will only bring China and Russia together. My intention is to set Croatia apart from it and prevent us from becoming circus animals. It is extremely dangerous to participate in this in any way.

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Since 2014, Milanovic claimed, there have been ongoing attempts to incite conflict with Russia. "And a war broke out." He cautioned NATO officials not to presume they could treat Russia similarly to Serbia, which the Western bloc bombed in 1999 amidst unrest in Kosovo. Later, the secessionist province proclaimed its independence from Serbia.

Please realise that Russia is not comparable to Serbia, Milanovic pleaded. "That is both a painful and dangerous fact. Together with the international community, we annexed Kosovo. Serbia was where it was taken. Have we not done it? Had we not acknowledged Kosovo? Oh, it's a seizure, not an annexation? Whatever. This is about the idea rather than Kosovo.

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