Umar Riaz furious at Geeta Kapoor, said, 'You humiliated me on National TV'

Umar Riaz's journey in the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss 15 was not easy at all. He has been judged many times in the show by linking Umar's migration to his profession. Salman Khan also reprimanded Umar several times for being aggressive as a doctor. While in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, before Umar's eviction, choreographer Geeta Kapoor, who came as a guest on the show, also raised questions on Umar's profession. Now Umar has given a befitting reply to Geeta Kapoor to humiliate him.

Umar Riaz tweeted to choreographer Geeta Kapoor that she had tried to humiliate him to set up a narrative on National TV. Umar wrote in a tweet: Geeta Kapoor You have judged me by adding my behaviour to a reality show and my profession in a doctor's room. My reaction was always dependent on action towards me, which you didn't understand. It's bad enough that you've tried to humiliate me on national television to set up narratives about me.

Umar wrote in his second tweet: "When Corona knocked all over India, I was serving my country and my people day and night without thinking about my health because that's what I inherited. Which is only to serve and give. Don't think about yourself. When Geeta Kapoor came to Bigg Boss as a guest, she told Umar- I would never want to get my treatment from a person who has so much aggression. She's scared of him because you lose your temper. You don't understand what you're doing. It is quite disturbing for me that you are in a profession whose mind is quite important to be calm. Geeta Kapoor's comment on Umar's profession has also been termed unfair by many stars.

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