Unique ceremony: Uncle arrives at Nephew's wedding with lakhs of rupees

Jaipur: We have seen many marriages but today we are going to tell you about a wedding which is completely different from ordinary marriages, yes, a unique Myra (rice) has been filled in Deshwal village of Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Here Uncle arrived at his nephew's wedding with two sacks of notes. For the past two and a half years, uncle had been adding money for his nephew's wedding. Filling Myra is a ritual at weddings in Rajasthan.

10-10 notes in sacks It took 3 about three hours of the evening to count 2 bags full of 10-10 notes. Some 6.25 lakh rupees were withdrawn from both bags. After which the brother filled all the notes in a basket. This unique Myra is being discussed all over Rajasthan.

The three brothers had arrived from Degana - where it has been learned that Himmatram, son of Seepu Devi, a resident of Deshwal village in Nagaur district, was married on Sunday. In the marriage, Seepu Devi's 3 brothers Ram Niwas Jat, Kanaram Jat and Shaitan Ram Jat had brought Bhsaat from Degana.

The three brothers had brought the money to be filled in the Myra in a plastic bag. After which the cash-filled in the plastic sack was emptied into the basket in the presence of Panch-Patel and relatives. All the notes vacated in Khari were of Rs 10-10. 



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