Daughter's disappearance in past 9 months and then the truth which shocked her

Jun 27 2020 01:54 PM
Daughter's disappearance in past 9 months and then the truth which shocked her

The case of crime which has come out from Sriganganagar is shocking. It had been nine months since the daughter went missing from the house. After her disappearance, everyone in the house thought that she ran away with the lover. They felt that she would return after a few days but she never returned. There came the news that in the love story of that girl, maternal uncle found killer. After all this, there has been a new twist in this whole matter of disappearance. According to Surendra Kumar Poonia, Kesari Singhpur police station officer of Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, on 17 September 2019, Soma Devi of ward five had filed a report saying, "18-year-old daughter Anuja Sriganganagar went by saying of bringing her roll number from neighbor named Makdi came out of the house. She was missing since then. Anuja was having a love affair with a young man, about whom the family also knew. The family thought that she eloped with her lover. Both must have started living somewhere with love marriage and will come after some time. Thinking the same, the girl's family fell silent.

Seven months after Anuja's disappearance in this case, a friend of her brother Vikram came to Facebook with a friend request named Ravi. On this ID, there were mobile numbers, which had an image of Anuja one day. The friend told Vikram about it. He gave information about this to the police. The police questioned the people on the basis of its call details, then the police took out the mobile location, then it came out of Chandigarh in Punjab. Later the police team reached Chandigarh and there they found Ramesh Meghwal, who became Anuja's maternal uncle. In this case, Anuja's family had also raised doubts over Ramesh while registering his disappearance.

Now the police questioned Ramesh in custody and found out that 'Anuja had a relationship with another boy. Due to which Anuja refused to go with him. He angrily threw Anuja in a canal near Mohanpura in Sriganganagar district. This caused her death. The accused also threw his own mobile in canal. Now the accused is under arrest in this case.

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