Unemployment Crisis in India, 4600 youth applied for 14 posts of sweeper

Feb 08 2019 11:56 AM
Unemployment Crisis in India, 4600 youth applied for 14 posts of sweeper

New Delhi: On Wednesday, Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, witnessed an unusual event when hundreds (around 4,600) of youths applied for 14 posts of menial nature. It should be noted that what makes the whole episode more depressing is the fact that the majority of those who applied for the posts like sweepers and sanitary workers were having the professional qualifications like B.Tech, M.Tech, Master of Business Administration.

About this fact comes on light on the event comes at a time when ruling BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has become the centre of constant criticism by the opposition parties and social groups for failing to fulfil its promise of creating 2.5 crores jobs per year.

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Here as per the sources of labour bureau over the last several years the employment growth in India came down significantly during the period between 2012 to 2016 after the slight rise in the employment rate in the period between March 2010 to  March 2012. Following this, the labour market saw the sharp decline of employment in 2013-14 of 4.9 per cent and in 2015-16 of 5 per cent 

Jagannath also believes that the problem of employment in India is very deep and complex as some of the promising sectors like digital banking, E-commerce which were initially seen to create sufficient jobs have been suffering from overstaffing and underproductivity.

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