Union Minister Nitin Gadkari put a choice between ‘Majboor or Mazboot’ among the nation

Apr 23 2019 08:55 AM
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari put a choice between ‘Majboor or Mazboot’ among the nation

Bihar: On Monday, Union minister Nitin Gadkari said the general elections present a choice between a leadership that is "majboor" (helpless) before terrorism, and one exemplified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that is "mazboot" (strong). Addressing an election rally here, the former BJP president said, "I would urge you people to decide, before casting your votes, whether you want a Prime Minister who was majboor before terrorists and their masterminds because of the compulsions of vote bank politics or one who was strong and could act decisively."

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Gadkari said "Pakistan has lost to India in three wars. Frustrated over this realization, it has taken recourse to openly abetting terror. Terrorism is a global menace. We have just seen what happened in Sri Lanka. The NDA has demonstrated that it has the resolve to take decisive action in this regard," He added "The NDA believes in the Indian tradition of inclusiveness and growth without taking recourse to imperialism. We have never thought of capturing territories falling inside the boundaries of our smaller neighbours. But those who support terror must be crushed,"  The Union minister, who holds portfolios like surface transport, waterways and Ganga rejuvenation, spoke about the government's efforts in these sectors and asserted "we have achieved, in our five years in power what previous governments could not achieve in 50 years".

Later, Gadkari addressed an election meeting in Darbhanga where he said "the NDA is contesting the elections on the twin agenda of nationalism and development while the Congress and its allies have just one agenda - remove Modi". "The people of the country has understood the Congress well and the opposition party will suffer a defeat which would be worse than 2014 when its tally had shrunk to less than 50 seats in the Lok Sabha," he claimed. Gadkari, who arrived in Bihar about five hours behind schedule, had to cancel his last rally in Muzaffarpur because of unavoidable circumstances, party sources said.

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