A unique baby girl born in MP, crowd of people gathered to see

Barwani: A unique baby girl has been born in the Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh without hands. Doctors say that such cases come up in one in millions. The baby is completely healthy. Her weight is 2 kg 800 grams. The child may have been born like this due to genetics or infection at the time of delivery. On the other hand, the family is very happy with the birth of the child. They said "We are happy with what God has given us.''

The baby, born at the Upla health center near Palsud, became the subject of news across the region. People are coming to see her. Nitesh, the girl's father, said that many people are calling him and asking him about the child. He said that on December 1, his wife had a normal delivery. When the baby was born, it was found that she did not have hands. But we don't mind that. Our daughter is the form of Mother Lakshmi for us. Nitesh said that he is happy with whatever God has made his daughter.  

On the other hand, Dr. Sunil Solanki says that such cases are one in millions. The child may have been born like this due to genetics or infection at the time of delivery. Earlier, a unique child was born in Ratlam. Where Shaheen, a resident of Jawra, gave birth to this unique child. This child has 2 heads and 3 hands. The third hand is on the back between the two faces. Actually, in sonography, this child looked like a twin. But when the delivery took place, it was found that he had two heads.

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