Unique example of love! Beggar bought Moped for wife

Chhindwara: A unique story of love has emerged from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. The beggar added 90 thousand rupees in 4 years and bought a moped. Earlier, he had a tricycle, which the wife had difficulty pushing. To overcome his problem, the beggar added 90 thousand rupees in 4 years. On Saturday, he bought the moped with cash. The video is going viral.  

Santosh Sahu, a resident of Amarwada in Chhindwara, is handicapped. He and his wife Munni beg in the streets. Every day at the Chhindwara bus stand, both of them make a living by begging. Earlier Santosh used to run tricycles, which Munni had to push. They went to the temple and Dargah and begged. According to Santosh, in begging, they get 300 to 400 rupees on the day they come. Food of both times is also obtained from people. Now we can also go to Indore-Bhopal from moped and beg. Earlier, there was also a problem in going to the temple-mosque of Chhindwara.  

Santosh could not climb the tricycle on the ghats of Chhindwara. Wife Munni used to push the tricycle and Santosh didn't like that. On this, the wife asked to buy the Moped. 4 years ago, Santosh made up his mind to buy a Moped and slowly started raising money. Thus he collected 90 thousand rupees.   

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