Panjshir will not give up, 'Unknown fighter jets' spat bombs overnight on Taliban bases

Kabul: Reports of a fierce battle between the Taliban and Ahmad Masood supporters are again emerging in Afghanistan's Panjsheer Valley. The fighters, who were reportedly on the front in the Mountains of Panjsheer, reportedly attacked Taliban targets on Monday night. There are also reports of the deadly bombing of Taliban targets by unidentified aircraft during the attack. However, it is yet to be confirmed.

Ahmed Masood supporter Panjsheer Deputy Governor K Bir Wasik has claimed that a fierce battle is going on in Panjsheer and Andarab. The Taliban have suffered a lot in Masood's national registration force (NRF) attack. Meanwhile, several videos have gone viral on social media showing a large number of Taliban fighters on the streets of Panjsheer and Andarab. Meanwhile, unidentified fighter jets are also reported to have attacked Taliban targets in Panjsheer valley. Many experts believe that they could be Afghan Air Force pilots who fled to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan after the Taliban attack. However, the attack is yet to be officially confirmed.

Locals claim that three fighter jets were seen flying in Panjsheer valley at night. Meanwhile, there is strong opposition to the bloody Taliban violence in the Panjsheer Valley in Afghanistan. People have taken to the streets on Monday and raised slogans against the Taliban. A large number of women were also reportedly involved. Slogans were also raised against Pakistan. Pakistan and its Air Force are said to be behind the Taliban occupation in Panjsheer.

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