MP High Court: Unmarried girls in India don't indulge in carnal activities just for fun
MP High Court: Unmarried girls in India don't indulge in carnal activities just for fun

Indore: The Madhya Pradesh High Court has categorically refused bail to the accused in a rape case. Under the information received, the court said, "Girls in India are not ready for sex unless they get "assurance of marriage". Under the information received, the accused had argued in the case that it was a case of mutually agreed sex. Justice Subodh Abhyankar of the Indore bench of the High Court in his order earlier this week said, "A boy should also remember the consequences of having sex with a girl.''

The court was hearing the bail plea of one of the accused arrested on June 4 for alleged rape by Ujjain police. The girl reportedly attempted suicide after the accused refused to marry. During the hearing, the judge said, "India's society is conservative, it has still not reached a level of civilization (state-of-the-art or low) where unmarried girls of any religion do not have sex just for fun unless someone promises to marry them.’’

Apart from this, the court also said, "… a boy who has sex with any girl should also think about the consequences of his action." While the police say that the accused had sex with the girl after promising to marry her. has been raped." Whereas in this case, the applicant has claimed that he had a love affair with the girl for two years and she is around 21 years old and the two had consensual sex. In this case, the counsel for the applicant argued that both the parents were against the marriage as the boy is Hindu and the girl Muslim. In this case, the prosecution claims that the boy repeatedly raped the girl since October 2018 by making false promises of marriage and in June 2021, said that he started marrying someone else.

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