UNSC hails signing of political framework deal in Sudan

UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council (UNSC) has welcomed the signing of a framework deal in Sudan to CLOSE political stalemate, and called on key political forces in the country to join the political process.

Sudan's civilian leaders and military on Monday signed a political framework deal to end the political impasse and institute a 2-year transitional civilian authority.

The 15-member Security Council expressed its appreciation for the agreement's signing in a press release on Thursday, describing it as "an essential step" towards the establishment of a civilian-led government and the establishment of constitutional provisions to guide Sudan during a transitional period that will end in elections.
In a peaceful and inclusive dialogue, the council members "emphasised the need of fostering a conducive climate for resolving remaining issues," according to the statement.

They also emphasised the need for further confidence-building measures, strongly urged influential political forces that have not yet ratified the agreement to do so, and stressed the significance of giving them more chances to do so, the statement read.

The council members urged the parties to get started right away on the second phase of the process, especially by addressing crucial problems that support Sudan's peace and security and are anticipated by the framework agreement's signatories, said the statement.

They emphasised that a concerted effort was needed to conclude talks and come to an agreement on the creation of a transitional administration led by civilians in order to address Sudan's pressing humanitarian and economic isisues, the statement said.

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