Do not try to console me with a thong!

Feb 10 2017 10:07 AM
Do not try to console me with a thong!

A thong is typically a bikini type of clothing but leaves part or most of the buttocks uncovered. From the back, the material is so much reduced. Thongs are generally desired to cover the genital parts only. Not to work, not on dates, not under skinniest skinny jeans, often people don't wear thongs.

It is like to hell with this when it unfolds the irritation. Here is what is wrong with the thongs:

Comfyness will never be an option. They get buried between the ass in the bustline, they would twist, or they are tugged to a side. Thongs force us to keep going to the washroom to readjust it or hide in a way where you are until no one's coming and then adjust it. Can you do all these activities while showing off a thong? May be yes? Because you will get a wedgie.

You can't adjust your pads or panty liners in a thong. liners are wider than thongs. You can always fold the edges of the liner over the edges of the thong. As long as you don't mind the liner shifting, sticking to your skin, and otherwise reminding you that you're walking around with a wad of paper and wood cellulose jammed between your legs.

Contaminations are a possibility. When the strip fabric move, colonic bacteria transfers from anal to the vulva. Vaginal infection is obvious then. Skin tags can also be a trouble with small growths that clothing can form and irritate you.

So, sexy AF still not a thong.

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