UP Budget Session 2020: BJP and opposition come together on this matter

Feb 27 2020 03:34 PM
UP Budget Session 2020: BJP and opposition come together on this matter

During the budget session of the UP Legislature, the round of noises and allegations continued from the very first day. Leaders of the ruling party and the opposition have united in their case. In the current session from February 8, some sort of action was being done between the daily demonstration. But both BJP and opposition came togther on the matter of salary and honorarium.

According to media reports, in the budget session of the Legislature, on Wednesday, the demand for increasing their honorarium and allowances arose, the legislators of the power and the opposition were seen speaking in one voice. Here the party restrictions also broke and the gap of the heart also disappeared. This view was seen in the Assembly on Wednesday in the presence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. After ending the Chief Minister's address, BJP's Suresh Srivastava urged to increase the honorarium and allowances of the MLAs while giving an invitation to increase inflation and regional needs. He said that due to less amount of travel coupons, an uncomfortable situation arises. This situation mostly occurs during air travel. The real gritty happens when the departmental officers travel in the executive class and the legislator has to travel in the economy class.

In his statement on this matter, Nitin Aggarwal of Samajwadi Party said that protocol should also be taken care of. The honorarium and allowances should be mixed with the Chief Secretary even if it is one rupee more. He demanded to increase the MLA fund to ten crore rupees. He argued that due to the cost of ballast, maurang and sand etc., the MLA fund should be increased so that development works can be done properly. BSP's Umashankar Singh also jumped into the fray on this issue. They said that due to low fund, they could not even do work like village heads. He advocated that the MLA fund should not be less than ten crores. Congress party leader Aradhana Mishra Mona emphasized on increasing the quota for India Marka Hand Pump with increase in MLA fund. SP's Narendra Verma said that the MLA asked the fund to allow air conditioners and geysers to be installed in public places like hospitals and schools.

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