Up, close and personal with emcee Lincia Rosario as she is all set to fly high with her acting career!

Conquering the stage, mesmerizing the audience and spreading smiles is just Lincia Rosario things. Always challenging her potential and putting herself out of her comfort zone has seen the notable emcee soar high in her diversifying career. After dominating the events industry, the anchor is now embracing a new challenge – acting. Yes, you read that right. India’s leading and award-winning emcee Lincia Rosario has added one more laurel in her feathered cap. Having hosted more than 800 shows across the globe, Rosario’s new journey as an actress looks promising.  
In an exclusive interview, the emcee speaks about her preparation, inspiration and the kind of roles she would want to explore as an actress.
Excerpts from the conversation:
 Q: You have taken the events and entertainment industry by storm. What’s next for Lincia Rosario?
A: I am grateful for the journey I have had in the last 8 years. I have had the opportunity to work for a plethora of brands across the globe with eminent dignitaries, entrepreneurs and sports personalities. I feel it is important for me to push the envelope every single time, if not one gets obsolete.
I always wanted to become an actor. However, it did not work due to some unpleasant experiences I faced back then. I was petrified of setting my foot in the industry, but I feel that I was gullible back then. Now I am ready to take on any challenges, have oodles of experience to brace anything. Currently, I am pursuing acting from Jeffery Goldberg Institute. I am also experimenting with Improv Comedy.
Q: Well, acting sounds great. What was the inspiration behind opting for this field?
A: I have been ‘Dramebaaz’ all my life, and I feel that it inspired me to get into acting. Over the years, I have developed a knack for entertaining people which I wish to take a step further by portraying distinct characters. Acting demands versatility and I want to portray more than being myself. 
Q: How is being on a camera different from being on stage?
A: There are no retakes when you are facing a live audience whereas in front of a camera you can take as many retakes. Honestly, I am a bundle of nerves in both mediums. 
Q: What are the preparations you are going through for your acting career?
A: Auditions! I have been giving a minimum of 4 to 5 auditions a week. So, playing a different character everyday keeps me in the game. For an actor, fitness is crucial. I devote considerable time to keep my body agile. I workout 4 times a week and live a disciplined life.
Q: What kind of roles have left an impact on you and what kind of roles would you want to take up in your upcoming projects? 
A: The two protagonists of the movie ‘The Color Purple’ directed by Steven Spielberg left me awestruck. Their onscreen love as sisters was magical. Just to see this entire myriad of emotions in people is surreal. I would love to do rom-coms, action, horror, and experiment with all kinds of genres. 
Q: What’s your take on the OTT industry taking over the large than life theatrical releases?
A: OTT space is a platform for promising talents. The medium is an incredible launchpad giving chances to actors, directors and writers to showcase their skills. I think any platform that takes great stories ahead is fabulous.
Q: What are the challenges you have faced as a performer and how did you overcome them?
A: I think the greatest challenge as a performer is having faith in self, especially when you face rejections. 
There are times when you have lots of work and at times we go through a phase where one doesn’t know when the next assignment is coming in. But always being optimistic and living by the principle that there is so much more to life than work keeps me sane. The other challenge is to continuously upgrade because in entertainment or any medium, things are constantly changing and one has to stay relevant. So being flexible and being willing to do things that are unfamiliar is something that I overcome every day and I am proud of it. 

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