K'taka election live update: UP CM dedicates winning to all BJP workers

Since form morning 8, media is flooded with live updates of the Karnataka election results. In the recent updates, Congress will support JD(S) and JD(S) will form the government with Congress help.

Apart from this, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an interview said that the win in Karnataka is dedicated to all party workers. He further also congratulate the people of Karnataka.

Also, Congress leader G. Parameshwara said that we accept the mandate of the people. We bow our heads to the verdict. We don’t have numbers to form govt. the Congress has offered to support JD(S) to form govt.

The way Karnataka's trends are coming out, it seems that Prime Minister Modi's 3P statement is proven to be true. In fact, in the last four years, Congress has four states,  in North India BJP has Punjab, in south India Karnataka and Puducherry while Mizoram in the North East. But the way BJP looks emerging as the biggest party in trends, it seems that the Congress will only remain PPP that is Punjab, Puducherry, and Parivar, as Prime Minister Modi said in his statement during an election rally in Karnataka.

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