UP CM did 'love marriage' against Mahatma Gandhi, the story is very interesting

Lucknow: Today (June 25) is the birthday of Sucheta Kriplani, the first CM of the country's largest state, Uttar Pradesh. She proved to be the successful Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. When Sucheta of a Bengali family fell in love with a Congress leader who was 20 years older than herself and told her family about this, she had to face tremendous anger from her family members. It was categorically denied that he should not even think about this marriage. Even Mahatma Gandhi opposed their marriage. The same Sucheta Kriplani was Sucheta Majumdar before marriage. When she was appointed as a lecturer of history in Banaras Hindu University, she fell in love with JB Kripalani, who was working in the same department. The color of this love grew so deep that he decided to marry Kripalani. There was such a protest in the house that it was said that if she gets married, then the relationship with the house will be broken. In fact, JB Kripalani's older age was also very much pricking the family members.

JB Kriplani was one of the top leaders after Gandhi in the freedom struggle. He was also the Congress President. When he fell in love with Sucheta, he was stunned to hear that even Kripalani could be imprisoned in someone's love. That too with a woman 20 years younger than him. Then a Bengali and a Sindhi. The color of love was so deep that both felt that now they would not be able to live without each other. When they decided to get married, there was an earthquake. Both the families ruled that they did not approve of this marriage. Even Mahatma Gandhi said that this marriage cannot happen. The color of love did not rise suddenly, but gradually it got darker. Both of them had felt somewhere that they needed each other. Simultaneously, Sucheta wrote in her book Sucheta An Unfinished Autobiography, Gandhi opposed their marriage, feeling that family responsibilities would alienate her from the fight for independence. Gandhi told Kripalani, if you marry her, you will break my right hand. Then Sucheta told him, why does he think so, rather he should think that he will get two workers instead of one in the freedom struggle. And both of them went against the family members and got married.

The same Kriplani was very unhappy with the fact that Gandhi was interfering in his personal affairs, but even after this, he almost accepted his point. Sucheta also agreed to this. But what Gandhi did after that strengthened their idea of ​​marrying each other. Sucheta writes in her biography, Gandhi wanted her to marry someone else. He pushed for it too. I rejected it outright. I told him, the proposal he is making is unjust as well as immoral.

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