Another dead body found after double murder in UP, know the whole matter

Aug 06 2020 02:50 PM
Another dead body found after double murder in UP, know the whole matter

Kanpur: In Uttar Pradesh, crime is not reducing. Meanwhile, once again in Kanpur's Chakeri area, the atmosphere of fear has been engulfed in the area due to the dead body of a young man in a vacant plot. Upon arriving at the information of the incident, the family started accused them of throwing the corpse. The police has called a forensic team and started investigating the case.

The people of the area informed the police after seeing the dead body in a vacant plot behind the furniture factory located at Chakeri bypass PAC Mor. Police reached the information and questioned the local people. The corpse has been identified as 35-year-old Dharmendra alias Baua, a Maharajpur resident. The deceased used to be guarded by Shyam Nagar resident Advocate Rajasekhar. After questioning the advocate, it was found that the deceased had an epileptic seizure. He went to the plot in the morning for defecation. Where he fell when epilepsy occurred, and Dharmendra's head was submerged in water due to the water in the plot.

Due to which he died on the spot. When the family came to know about the incident, they created a ruckus by accusing Rajasekhar of killing and throwing the corpse into the plot. Due to this, there was also a push back from the police. The officers who reached the spot assured the relatives of the action and somehow pacified them. After which the body was sent for post-mortem. The same is now being investigated by the police.

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