Gorakhpur: Due to an old dispute, 2 man killed pickup driver by hitting rod in his head

Feb 12 2020 01:20 PM
Gorakhpur: Due to an old dispute, 2 man killed pickup driver by hitting rod in his head

Gorakhpur - A recent case has come up from Farenda Marg where pickup driver Mohit (name changed) (40) was brutally murdered on Monday night on the contact road near Campierganj Forest Corporation. In this case, the pickup drivers attacked Mohit's (renamed name) head first with a rod and then the pickup mounted on him. According to the report, after the incident, the accused were running away with the pick-up, but it overturned as soon as they came to the main road. The police have cordoned off the two accused.

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In this case, the accused have confessed to have been involved in an old dispute. According to the reports, the deceased Mohit (name changed) was from Bagaha in West Champaran, Bihar and lived in Sahabajganj with a room for rent. He used to drive the car of Chandramoul Tiwari, resident of Bokta of Sahajanwan and Jisan Ansari, Munna alias Ehsanullah, a resident of the accused Kotwali Chota Kazipur, also drives the pickup with him. According to the police in this case, Mohit (name changed) had taken the goods from the Shyamu cashew store in Sahebganj to go to Laxmipur, Maharajganj, when Munna and Nisar left from a pickup.

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While there he had to go to Siddharthnagar. After that, the three talked about ending the old dispute on the way and started going back and forth together but at the same time went to the main road to contact for food and drink. At around 12 o'clock, as soon as Mohit (name changed) got off the car, the accused attacked him from the back with a rod. In this case, Mohit (changed name) fell on the pickup as soon as he fell and Mohit (name changed) died on the spot. When the accused were taken into custody, they told in interrogation that there was a dispute about loading the goods many times, due to which Mohit (changed name) was killed.

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