Uttar Pradesh: Lover couple jumps in pond with intention of suicide, girl died

Lucknow: The body of a missing teenager in suspicious condition from the Mubarakpur police station area of Azamgarh city of Uttar Pradesh has been stirred after receiving the body behind the school. Angry relatives and villagers blocked the Azamgarh-Ballia road at Sathianav intersection.

In the Mubarakpur police station area, the teenager whose body was recovered from Pokhara, she jumped in Pokhari along with her boyfriend, at the last moment the lover's intention changed, then he swam out. He tried to save his girlfriend too, but he failed. After this, he ran away and went to his house in Kaptanganj police station area. The next day, the father and family gave information about him in the police station, then the police caught him and brought him to the police station and since then he has been arrested.

Near the deceased teenager's house, there is a maternal house of a youth resident of Kaptanganj police station area. The young man used to come often. This is where his love affair with the deceased teenager started. When this middle family came to know about this, the ban was started. Then the family caught the two together one day, then beat them up. The lovers were upset due to the daily ban of relatives. Both suddenly went missing on Saturday night. According to the lover, both decided to die if they did not get along, and reached Pokhari near the school.

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