UP man gets married to cousin as wife got stuck in lockdown

May 18 2020 01:36 PM
UP man gets married to cousin as wife got stuck in lockdown

At present, such cases of crime are coming in the lockdown that is bizarre. The case that has recently come up is also similar. This case is being told of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. Where the husband got married to his cousin after the wife got trapped in the maiden due to lockdown. According to the information, Naseem (wife) has now sought help from Farhat Naqvi's NGO 'Mera Haq', sister of Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

According to the information received in this case, Farhat Naqvi said that "a complaint in this matter will be lodged with the police soon and all efforts will be made to bring justice to Naseem". And the couple has three children. Naseem had gone to visit her parents on March 19, but in the meantime, lockdown imposed by the PM.

She had to stay there due to the lockdown. After that, Naseem now got the news that her husband had married his relative and now started living with her. After all this, Naseem somehow managed to reach home, and upon reaching there, she objected to this marriage. In this case, now the husband said that he is ready to keep both wives, but Naseem refused. Now the news is being revealed about the investigation in this case.

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