Police arrested fake religious guru in case of robbery

Sep 11 2019 05:01 PM
Police arrested fake religious guru in case of robbery

There is more than one 'Baba' present in our country. There are some religious priests who are accused of rape. Due to their misdeeds, many babas are now being sent to jail and now one such baba has gone to the police in Noida, UP. The speciality of this Baba is that he hypnotizes anyone. He loses people easily. But this hypnosis of Baba could not work on police.

Actually, the thing is that this is the case of Sector police station 20 of Noida. On September 9, a complaint was lodged in the police station by an accountant named Abhishek Rawat that on the same day when he went to Noida to get his scooter fixed, he found a hypocrite Baba there. That Baba was also telling himself to be a very saint.

According to the information received from the complainant, both of them drank tea and then Baba was overwhelmed by the accountant and then he recited some mantras. After this, the accountant came under Baba's control. Then Baba took out about 5000 rupees from the accountant's pocket and the ring was removed from his hand. After that Baba absconded. After regaining consciousness, Abhishek Rawat went to the police station and lodged a complaint against Baba. The police investigated the case and eventually, the police arrested Fake Baba.

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