UP to Revolutionize Madrasa Education with Coding and AI Integration
UP to Revolutionize Madrasa Education with Coding and AI Integration

LUCKNOW: In a bold move toward modernizing education, the Uttar Pradesh government has unveiled plans to introduce cutting-edge chapters on Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital literacy, and coding into the madrasa curriculum. The UP Board of Madrasa Education is set to launch an enlightening orientation program for educators, focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence into the curriculum. This groundbreaking initiative will take place at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow.

Monika S. Garg, the Additional Chief Secretary of Minority Development, was quoted saying, "In collaboration with the Basic Education Department, we are organizing an orientation module on AI for madrasa teachers this Wednesday." This collaboration showcases the government's commitment to promoting a well-rounded education that includes modern technological aspects like AI.

The primary goal of the UP government is to foster computational thinking among madrasa students by incorporating digital literacy and artificial intelligence into their educational journey. To facilitate this transition, a comprehensive set of 22 educational videos, developed with the expertise of subject specialists, will be made available to madrasa teachers. These resources aim to equip educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively teach AI-related concepts.

With more than 13 lakh students enrolled in 16,513 madrasas across the state, this initiative has the potential to significantly impact the education landscape in Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, the government has taken tangible steps to support these changes, such as providing computers to 1,275 madrasas and supplying book banks, science kits, and mathematics kits to 7,442 madrasas. These measures demonstrate a concerted effort to bridge the technological divide and ensure that madrasa students are well-prepared for the future.

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