People worship Corona Devi, administration places idol in police station

Jun 13 2021 09:00 AM
People worship Corona Devi, administration places idol in police station

All over the world were disturbed by the havoc of corona. The fear of corona infection amongst the people was so afraid that he started to taunt. Not only totke but people even built the temple of Corona Devi. The second wave of corona in India is coming to an end. In that case, you all must be aware that all this has been possible through the collective efforts of the Government and the people. The second wave of corona took its toll to the countryside. Amidst all this, something happened in Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh which surprised everyone.

In fact, the temple of Corona Mata has been built here. Not only that, people also started worshipping The Goddess Corona. People here believe that Corona Mata will rid them of the epidemic. In fact, in a village in Pratapgarh district, the villagers have built this temple under a neem tree. A resident here said the villagers have established this temple together. Everyone worships here. He also mentioned that the statue of mother who has been installed is wearing a mask.

Now, under the recent information received, the administration has removed the idol. Yes, now the administration has placed the idol in the police station. As soon as the administration came to know about it, senior officials reportedly rushed to the spot and removed the idol and kept it in the police station. Officials say superstition should not be spread in the name of epidemic.

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