No entry without showing Aadhaar card, unique wedding video goes viral

To go to a political event, exhibition or stage show, one has to show an entry pass. Yes, because such programs do not give access without an entry pass. However, have you all ever noticed that you needed to show a pass to enter the wedding ceremony? Perhaps not, but this happened at a wedding ceremony in Hasanpur of Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh and now this issue is in the headlines. In fact, in the locality of Hasanpur town of Amroha, it has come to light that people of the procession have to show Aadhaar cards for entry into food.

Now we tell you why the bride's side did this. Yes, there were two weddings on the same day in the locality. In such a situation, the right people reach the right wedding ceremony and fake people did not get a chance, so people were given entry by looking at their Aadhaar cards. Yes, the procession of a young man from the village of the Adampur police station area came to the locality of Hasanpur.

In such a situation, on the same evening of September 21, one more procession was also coming in another family in the same locality. During this time, in view of the fact that the people of both the processions do not go to the same place, some youths decided to give entry to their procession in the food hall by looking at their Aadhaar cards. Due to this, entry was given by seeing the Aadhaar cards of the people of the procession who came from the village. During this time, those who did not have Aadhaar cards in their pockets were sent back. However, the next day, seeing the Aadhaar card, the matter of giving food to the procession's people became a sensation and by now its video has also gone viral.

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