Uttar Pradesh: Differently-abled husband strangled to death, know the full case

Aug 06 2020 03:26 PM
Uttar Pradesh: Differently-abled husband strangled to death, know the full case

Meerut: Many attacks are carried out on the day in Uttar Pradesh, the country's largest state. Meanwhile, television mechanic Islamamuddin's son Alimuddin was strangled to death on Wednesday in street number 26 of Lakkipura in Meerut. He was handicapped with both feet and one hand. On the complaint of the family, the police have taken Islimuddin's wife Nasim into custody in charges of murder. According to the police, Naseem says that she was not happy with this marriage. Islamuddin used to harass him, so she killed him.

According to the police, about six years ago, Islamuddin's younger brother Riyazuddin alias Raju had committed suicide. After that Raju's wife Naseem was married to Divyang Islamuddin. Naseem had two children from Raju, while a son was born to Naseem also from Islamuddin. Islamuddin's elder brother Salimuddin alleges that Islamuddin was about 70 percent disabled, so Nasim did not like it. Islamuddin had also expressed anticipation of his murder a few days ago.

It is alleged that Naseem can meet a person named Arif and get him murdered. On Wednesday, Nasim informed the death of Islamuddin. When the family members reached his house, there were nails on the face of Islamuddin and indigo marks on the neck. Blood was coming out of his ear. When questioned Naseem on suspicion, he said that Islamuddin had died due to taking a headache medicine. Naseem was arrested by the police after sending the body of Islamuddin for postmortem. The same case is now being investigated.

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