Update on Mithai TV Serial: Mithai and Sid come to know Omi's conspiracy

Omi Agarwal waits for his rival Siddhartha at Saha Mill in the newest episode of Mithai. Modak Sweets is not going to be their hub, he says. Meanwhile, Siddhartha and Mithai arrive. Omi and his men are waiting for them, but the couple has no idea. Rajib and Shreetama are waiting at the sweet hub's entrance. Stars from the media are also anticipating the inaugural event. The reporters ask Rajib and Shreetama strange questions. Rajib alerts Shreetama about the missing confectioners in a covert manner. While confronting the media, Shreetama begins to feel helpless, but Ratul arrives just in time to assist her.

When Mithai and Sid reach the mill, she notice a locked area. Mithai opens the door with her hairpin. They discover the confectioners who have been trapped in the room and free them. The confectioners are completely unaware of the plan. Dhara and Rudra arrive to the site and hear about Som's presence.

Omi enters the room just as the confectioners are being rescued, just as Mithai-Sid is about to leave. Eventually, he discloses his true motivation: to deceive everyone and gain time to carry out his true plan. He also admits that he sought revenge after Sid challenged him.

Sid becomes enraged and attacks him. Omi explains his plan to destabilise the sweet centre, but Mithai refuses to give up. Sid beats up on Omi when he speaks disrespectfully. Omi is enraged and wields the gun at Sid. Mithai comes up with solutions to the problem.

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