Urfi Javed furious over Udaipur murder, shared video and said this

There is anger all over India over the massacre in Udaipur. Many of the famous stars of Bollywood like Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhaskar, and Richa Chadha have reacted to this incident. Now, Urfi Javed's statement on the Kanhaiyalal murder case is in the news. Urfi shared a video of the threats on her official social media account. In this, both the criminals are doing the trick of beheading with a knife in their hands. At the same time, is also talking about killing PM  Narendra Modi. Urfi has written a note together expressing grief and anger.

In the video shared by Urfi, the killers are speaking, this one which is from Malda Street. He is also saying that Narendra Modi will douse the fire you have set. I pray to the Lord insha'Allah, that this knife will also reach your neck. Urfi wrote along with this video, "Where are we going? Allah has not expressed in his name to hate and kill.''

On another note, Urfi wrote, "People are killing and hating in the name of their religion and God (their imaginary friend), what is really happening. Why don't we talk about education, women empowerment, fast-track cases for rape, and GDP. Religion was made so that there is a moral and ethical sense among the people. In today's time, your religion is spoiling your culture and conduct. To be radicalised in a man-made faith like religion will only bring destruction. It's still not too late. Open your eyes guys. I know I will get a lot of hatred after that, but think, at least, I am not as full of hatred as a fundamentalist.''

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