US Aborts Abortion, This is what Ex-First Lady says

The right to make decisions about their own body for women has been ‘aborted’ by US lawmakers after the Supreme court of the country overturned Roe v Wade, stripping women of their right to reproductive health. The ruling will result in an almost immediate ban on abortions, with a few exceptions. 


The ruling was made by the court’s six conservative justices including five men, voting to effectively abolish the constitutionally protected right to abortion, while the three liberal judges, including two women, disagreed. 


The ruling is receiving backlash from feminists all over the world, with many saying that you know that a country is going backward if you let men make the decisions for women, especially when it is about their body and health. 


On the other hand, the former first lady Michelle Obama took to social media, to express her disappointment. 


“I am heartbroken today, for people around this country who just lost their fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies, this horrifying decision will have devastating consequences,” She wrote in her post.


Adding to that, she said, that when we don’t understand our history, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. 


However, Michelle also encouraged people to not just sit back but educate themselves, to channel their frustration into getting involved, in organizations like ‘Planned Parenthood’ and ‘The United States of Women’ among many others. 


“Our hearts may be broken today, but tomorrow, we’ve got to get up and find the courage to create a more just America” She concluded. 

US Supreme Court rejects abortion rights

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