This country will help India to become a world power
This country will help India to become a world power

Washington: A top US diplomat says that the US is willing to help India become a world power that contributes to the security apparatus. Apart from this, it has also indicated that the Donald Trump administration is also getting eager to support India with excellent defense capability. Indeed, US Deputy Foreign Minister Stephen Begun made this remark at the third Indo-US Leadership Conference held on Monday by the US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum. This conference was organized through a digital medium.

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During this, he said, "The partnership between the world's oldest and largest democracy has steadily strengthened in the last two decades and it is expected to continue even further." Meanwhile, in response to a question by Richard Verma, former US ambassador to India, he said, 'We are willing to help India become a world-class force to contribute to the security apparatus. I agree that defense cooperation is important in this.'

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At the same time, during this time, Verma asked what else the US can do in relation to defense cooperation, export control and transfer of technology. On this, the Deputy Foreign Minister said that 'one of the resistance trends, India's desire to be self-reliant in the defense sector and I understand it. No country wants to be completely dependent on another country. Even in close partnership between India and America, it is time to test the events or countries in the region.'

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