US Expert: Reject China's Attempts to Coopt Buddhism
US Expert: Reject China's Attempts to Coopt Buddhism

United States: In the face of growing concerns from rights organizations about Chinese authorities' restrictions on Tibetans, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has assumed the role of the most destructive force for Buddhism since Genghis Khan, according to Washington columnist Michael Rubin. has played

In an article for The National Interest magazine, Rubin argued that Beijing's attempt to use Buddhism to China's diplomatic advantage is even more cynical and audacious. Rubin compares these initiatives to those by Serbia or Turkey to represent Bosnian or Kosovar Muslims, or by Turkey to represent Armenian culture.

Mao imposed atheism on mainland China and forbade any political ideology that might oppose his particular brand of communism. However, according to Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, religion and religious philosophy have always been present in China.

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Rubin said that while the CCP is best known for its attacks on religion, it has also sometimes taken a more cynical stance.

The CCP, under Chinese President Xi Jinping, has stepped up its efforts to appropriate a religion hated as a soft power Trojan horse among its neighbours, a US academic has claimed, worrying about China's assertiveness. Huh.

He added, "China nevertheless claims that Buddhism is an ancient Chinese religion and has started inviting Buddhist monks from Myanmar, Sri Lanka and even Pakistan's small Buddhist community, in addition to hosting conferences.

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Ironically, Beijing, which has largely destroyed and buried the Buddhist heritage of China, Tibet and Inner Mongolia, has sought to promote goodwill with other countries by allowing travel to the remaining relics.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims that the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party continues to repress fundamental rights.

President Xi Jinping's administration has implemented massive, invasive surveillance measures, tightened controls on civil society, the media and the Internet, and arbitrarily detained human rights advocates.

Rights organizations claim that in Xinjiang and Tibet, China exercises particularly harsh control.

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Since 2017, the authorities have committed crimes against humanity by arbitrarily detaining over one million Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims and torturing them based on their culture.

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