Why 4th of July is celebrated with fireworks by Americans?

The United States (US) is celebrating the 245th anniversary of its Independence Day today. Independence Day is observed every year on 4th July in the US since independence from Britain in 1776. There is a holiday all over the country on this day. On July 4, 1776, the US Congress declared independence from Britain. Parades and barbecues are organized on Independence Day in the US. Americans also wear red, white and blue clothes on this day. In addition, fireworks are considered to be a very important part of the Independence Day programme in American history and tradition.

History of America's Independence Day:-
The US, like India, has also been a slave to britishers. The Britishers have tortured individuals a lot in america also. As a result, the conflict between the Britishand the Native Americans began to escalate slowly. After much struggle, on 2nd July 1776, 12 of the 13 American colonies officially decided to separate from Great Britain and demanded independence by the Continental Congress through a vote. Exactly two days later, on 4th July, all the 13 colonies voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence and signed a declaration declaring themselves free. Since then, the US has been celebrating its Independence Day.

13 colonies together declared independence, also known as the Declaration of Independence. After independence, General George Washington became the first President of the United States. He is known as a freedom fighter who fought for freedom. They are named after the Capital of the United States.

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