Biden warns about Omicron: 'It's going to spread very fast'

New Delhi: US President Joe Biden on Thursday warned that the omicron variant of corona infection is going to spread more rapidly in the United States. He said there is a lot of danger to those who do not get vaccinated with cold diseases. In such a situation, the number of deaths may also increase. According to the agency, by taking updates on the epidemic from top health advisers, Biden also said that it is time for people to take booster doses.

Biden said the booster dose is providing a lot of protection. A booster dose of the vaccine should be taken at the earliest. An official of the Disease Control Centre on Wednesday said that at least 36 states have confirmed omicron cases. Biden said the Omicron variant has not yet spread as fast as it feared in the United States, but it is now spreading and is about to grow. So take a citizen booster dose.

Evidence of spikes was displayed in the Corona infection in Miami, Florida, on Thursday. According to the agency, new cases have increased by about 40% across the country in the last one month. According to the report, Florida reported 4,127 new cases on December 15, about 1,500 more than the 7-day average. Deaths across the country have increased by 18% since mid-November. On an average, 1,300 people have lost their lives in a day. There has been an increase of about 45% in the last month in the admitted corona hospital.

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