US Presidential Election: China, Big Tech, Media Want "Sleepy Biden" To Win
US Presidential Election: China, Big Tech, Media Want

US President Donald Trump accused Biden and his family of taking money from Chinese. Trump on Monday alleged that China, big tech companies and mainstream media have rallied against him in support of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden as they control him and want him to win.

Trump said at an election rally in the Battleground State of North Carolina:- "Big tech, big media, big donors and powerful special interests are desperate for sleepy Joe to win. They want him to win. I will tell you who wants him to win. China. They will own our country because they own him,"

This was Trump's one of the first rallies across the key battleground States on the eve of the crucial presidential elections. "They control him, and they know he will always be there to do their bidding. He'll always be there to corrupt--he's a corrupt politician. I don't care. I'll say and I say it. Everybody knows it's true," Trump as he urged his supporters to go out and vote in large numbers.

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