Hot dog stuck in girl's throat, dies!

Nowadays, there are many shocking cases. Now, the recent case that came to light is from the US. In this case, a 20-year-old girl participated in a hot dog eating contest. But in the meantime she died. In fact, during the competition, a hot dog got stuck in her throat and choked her windpipe and died. The competition was organised in the university campus and the girl was a student of the same university. According to a report, the girl is 20 years old and her name is Madlin. She was studying at Tufts University.

The hot-dog eating competition (Hot-Dog Eating Competition) was reportedly organized in the university campus last week and The Madlin was also involved in the event. However, after the incident Madlin was then admitted to Boston Hospital, but despite constant efforts by doctors, she could not survive and lost her life. Madlin reportedly succumbed to her injuries in the hospital the day after the accident. Based on a report from a famous website, she suddenly felt suffocated while eating hot dogs and then fainted.

she was then taken to the hospital but died the next day. According to reports, Madlin was very famous at the University. Yes, she was actually a great athlete. In a statement, the university said, "A New York native, Madlin was a student of biotechnology. She was a member of the Lacrosse team and an active member of our institute. Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased. "




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