US support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition war in Yemen resolution would end

Feb 14 2019 02:30 PM
US support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition war in Yemen resolution would end

WASHINGTON: On Wednesday, The Democratic-led US House of Representatives approved a resolution that would end US support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in the war in Yemen, as many lawmakers sought to push President Donald Trump to toughen his policy toward the kingdom. It was the first time the House of Representatives has ever supported a war powers resolution, but the 248-177 vote - almost entirely along party lines - would not be enough, however, to overcome Trump`s promise to issue what would likely be his first veto.

It is to be noted that only 18 of Trump`s fellow Republicans in the House joined 230 Democrats in supporting the resolution seeking to stop the US military from any hostilities in or affecting Yemen, including refuelling aircraft conducting missions in the Yemen civil war, without authorization from Congress. Democrats and Republicans reintroduced the war powers resolution two weeks ago as a way to send a strong message to Riyadh about the humanitarian disaster in Yemen and condemn the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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However, Yemen`s almost four-year war has killed tens of thousands of people, collapsed the economy and brought millions of people to the brink of famine. The administration - and many of Trump`s fellow Republicans in Congress - said the resolution was inappropriate because US forces had provided aircraft refuelling and other support in the Yemen conflict, not combat troops. It also said the measure would harm relationships in the region and hurt the US ability to prevent the spread of violent extremism. The Senate is expected to vote on the resolution within 30 days. A previous version of the resolution passed the Senate by 56-41 in December. The United States has supported the Saudi-led air campaign against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen with mid-air refuelling support, intelligence and targeting assistance.

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