Loud noise coming from inside the walls of building, everyone stunned when they saw...

In the meantime, another strange case has come to light in Santa Ana, California, USA, where a woman was trapped in an 8-inch thin space in such a way that it was impossible for her to come out. The woman screaming for help was stunned when the men heard the sound between the walls of two buildings. Thereafter, a team of police and fire departments who reached the spot launched a rescue operation to save the woman.

The same woman trapped in a thin space of just 8 inches between two buildings in California, USA, was rescued by rescuers. Though the woman was pulled out properly by the rescuers after two hours of hard work, the woman was without clothes at the time of the incident. According to a report by the Orange County Fire Authority in Santa Ana, they received information about the incident at around 2 pm.

With this, the team reached the spot as soon as they received Tahrir. The team was told that a woman's voice was coming from inside the wall. OCFA rescuers were stunned when they were seen making a hole in the wall. The gap between the two buildings was about 8 inches. It was from this gap that there was a loud noise. However, no one could know how the woman entered the 8-inch space.

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