U.S. to buy 20 crore doses of corona vaccine

Washington: The United States is at the top of the most Covid-19 affected countries. The number of people infected with infection in the country is more than 2.5 crore. In the meantime, the new US President Joe Biden is looking to speed up the campaign to achieve his vaccination target in 100 days before assuming office. He has announced on Tuesday to purchase an additional 200 million (20 crores) doses of the Covid-19 virus vaccine.

At present, after reviewing the Covid-19 supply and manufacturing plans, Joe Biden announced this. The Biden administration has decided to increase vaccination distribution in states and tribal areas from 8.6 million (86 lakh) doses to 10 million (one crore) doses. While reiterating his ambitious target of 10 crore doses in 100 days, Biden said that our ultimate goal is to defeat Covid-19. He said, "We are soon going to buy 10 crore doses, apart from two FDA authorised vaccine Pfizer and Moderna." He said that this 20 crore dose should have been secured by the earlier government, but it was not done.

Bidon further said that we hope that an additional 20 crore doses have been distributed this summer. He asserted that more than 400,000 people in the country have died in the grip of Covid-19 in the last one year. Former first president Joe Biden had spoken that the country is undergoing a delicate phase and there is an immediate need for financial relief. His relief plan includes a national immunization programme, reopening of schools, direct payment of 1,400 dollars to the people and financial relief to provincial and local governments.

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