USA: Vice Presidential debate to take place on Wednesday
USA: Vice Presidential debate to take place on Wednesday

As Presidential elections draw closer, everyone is gearing up for it. Vice President Mike Pence and his Democratic challenger Senator Kamala Harris are all geared up for a debate in the Sal Lake City of Utah on Wednesday. This will be for the first time in American history that an Indian origin person will be taking up the podium for a vice presidential debate. Political critics believe that an aggressive Harris, 55, will easily command over Pence, 61, during the only vice-presidential debate and help her running mate Joe Biden, 77, to widen his lead over Trump, 74.

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Biden, in the last few days, has increased his lead over Trump by double-digits. However, the Trump Campaign believes that Pence could come out with a heavenly performance during the contest. The debate accretions added significance, given the Covid-19 infecting Trump, triggering considerations that Pence may be taking over the reins of the country temporarily. Also, many believe that Harris will be the real force in a Biden administration. Both Pence and Harris have said that they are well prepared for the debate, which would be directed by journalist Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief, USA Today.

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According to media reports, plexiglass will be installed between Pence and Harris on the debate stage. “The debates are a crucial part of making our democracy work and I am honored to participate,” Page said in a statement. The debate will be divided into nine segments of about 10 minutes each, said the Commission on Presidential Debate. The moderator will ask an opening question after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond.

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