Use Facebook 3D Photo feature in 3 steps from your phone

Oct 30 2018 02:33 PM
Use Facebook 3D Photo feature in 3 steps  from your phone

The social giant Facebook introduced the 3D Photo feature about two months ago. The feature has at last started for Smartphones. The Facebook 3D Photo feature basically turns pictures taken from your phone’s camera into a 3D representation.

The Facebook 3D Photos are seen on apps, PCs and VR glasses like the Oculus Go while 3D photos can be taken from your smartphone but the condition is photos should be taken in portrait mode. The images, which are made from a snap taken in portrait mode, come with a clear separation between subjects, second floor, and backdrop.

Furthermore, as the Facebook feed flows or the smartphone roll, the Facebook 3D Photos depict an effect called parallax in the wake to give the post a sense of depth.

Here are steps to use Facebook 3D Photo feature from your phone-

-First take a picture from your smartphone in portrait mode.

-Click Create a new post button on Facebook.

-Here you will be find list of activities, stickers, GIF, check-in (and more) and all friendly devices will also have a 3D Photo feature in the same list.

-Opt the photo, click the Share button on the post and Facebook will go with future actions and you will find your 3d photo.

So far the Facebook 3D Photo feature is backed on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Some selected Android smart phones with dual cameras and portrait mode also support this feature.

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