Do this immediately if you use Google Chrome to avoid hacking

Oct 23 2020 11:59 AM
Do this immediately if you use Google Chrome to avoid hacking

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, the possibilities are that you may be a victim of hacking. The company has informed this through Google Blog Post. The company detected some flaws in the Chrome browser on 19 October, due to which cyber attackers could easily make anyone their victims. To avoid this, Google has released a security patch for Chrome Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

If you are also a Google Chrome consumer, then update your Google Chrome browser immediately. Updating Google Chrome is very easy. The company has released an updated version 86.0.4240.111 of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux customers. Google Chrome users should update it immediately. However, for the consumers who are not available the updates, this update will be made available in the next one week.

Here's how to update:
1. The consumer must first open the Google Chrome browser.
2. Three dots will appear in the upper right corner of the browser window, on which the user has to click.
3. After this, the consumer has to go to the help section.
4. After the help section, the consumer has to visit about Google Chrome.
5. The update will start as soon as you click on About Google Chrome.
6. After all updates, the browser has to be restarted.
7. This way your Google Chrome browser will be updated.

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