Use of wasp nests to tighten vagina becomes popular

Apr 17 2019 09:07 PM
Use of wasp nests to tighten vagina becomes popular

Sex is an integral part of our life. With more awareness about sex people are exploring their sexuality and with that importance given to maximum pleasure in bed is increasing. The people exploring ways to get better orgasms, as tightening the vagina is seen as a way for women to enhance their sex life. As part of a bizarre new trend gaining popularity among young people, women are putting wasp nests in their vagina a home remedy to tighten their vagina.

A Retailers says that ground wasp nests can restore uterine walls after childbirth, health episiotomy cuts and clean the vagina.

The company selling the paste say that it may cause pain due to the galls strong astringent, doctors say anything that burns is not good for the vagina. Meanwhile the paste is gaining popularity like several other herbal remedies before it.

However, doctors suggest that this method is risky because of side effects that include painful sex, lack of healthy bacteria and even an increased risk of HIV. Drying of the vaginal mucosa can cause risk of abrasions during sex.


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