Use Saffron to remove the scars from face

The use of saffron helps a lot in enhancing our beauty. It also works to enhance the taste and color of our food. Many problems of skin can be overcome by using saffron. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of saffron for skin.

1- There are plenty of antibacterial properties in saffron, which help in removing the problem of pimple-acne from our skin. To use it, mix 10 threads of saffron with some basil leaves and grind them together. Now place this paste on your acne and wash your face later.

2- If you are troubled by the stains on your face, then using saffron will be magical. To remove the scars and spots, soak saffron leaves in water and add some turmeric powder in it and make paste. Now put it on your face, using it will remove the stains from your face and the skin will shine.

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